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Latest updates from Warwickshire's Director of Public Health, Dr Shade Agboola

Let’s Do the Right Thing campaign

The Let’s Do the Right Thing campaign highlights the key steps we can all take to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The campaign is able to be tailored to any geographical area to emphasise the need for local people to take action.

Resources are available below.

Email printservices@warwickshire.gov.uk if you want to order any resources for your local area, you can tailor these as necessary to Let’s Do the Right Thing for your area.

Translations of campaign materials

Additional community engagement pack resources

Don't Take it Home campaign

Don’t Take it Home campaign featuring Warwickshire bloggers and influencers - further information.

Translated COVID-19 information

Posters available in other languages

Test and Trace

Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull track and trace translated posters.


The target audience for the mental health webinar is workplaces, employers and other establishments such as places of worship. Please share with any contacts that can use this as an aid for signposting to support.

It contains very useful information about mental health service provision at this difficult time and is key for people in the coming weeks and months as we go through yet another period of change. 

Further information: